Halloween TV Series Superhero Costumes

Planning to impersonate your favorite super hero this halloween? We’ve rounded up some of the best TV superhero costume ideas here to help you be a superhuman for one night!

1. The Flash
A red jumpsuit and layers of metallic pieces on top plus a dark red helmet with lightning bolt details.

2. Supergirl
A red skirt, matching boots, a gold belt, and a blue long-sleeved shirt with the Supergirl logo placed on your chest.

3. Arrow
A green short-sleeved hoodie, matching pants, dark green mask, and an arrow.

4. Black Canary
A black leather jacket, leather pants, black boots, a black mask, dark lipstick, and a blond wig.

Arrows, lightning bolts, and superhumans. Oh wow! Who will you be dressing as for Halloween this year?

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